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Have you ever wanted to attend an art school?

Juan's Art Academy is an online membership for beginning to advanced art students who would like to learn how to think their way to a successful painting. 

Art lessons designed to entertain, educate, and give a firm basic understanding of art. 

First to see Juan Peña paintings. 

If you subscribe to Juan Peña's Art Academy you will have access to:

  • Free Art Class videos
  • Access to Art training lessons
  • Access to Juan’s Art books
  • Previews of Juan’s Art books
  • Art contests
  • Critique of art materials and products 
  • Template Exercises
  • Downloads of selected Juan Peña prints
  • First to see Juan’s newest paintings
  • Art demonstrations in different media

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Juan's Art Academy Home Base

Juan's Art Academy is geared for the serious art student who desires permanence and brilliance in their paintings.

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Sneek peak at Juan's first Art book

Art School Education

Juan Peña's book "The Miracle Three" will help you achieve, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced painter.

  • What is the Miracle Three & how to use it
  • How to incorporate design in your painting
  • Learn how Juan's code will improve your art

"The Miracle Three"

Besides teaching you to think your way through a painting, this colorful e-book contains many of Juan's paintings and entertaining stories.

    Art Lesson Videos

    If you are new to painting or just want refresher lessons, you are in the right place.

    Free Art Contests

    Do you have some artwork that you would like to show?  You have found the right place to begin.  You may win a prize! 

    Free critique of Art Materials & Products

    Did you ever want to see an Art product or Art materials demonstrated before you buy?

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